March 27, 2023

BoxTops for Education

Clipping BoxTops is a fun and easy way to raise money for our school. Each unexpired boxtop is worth 10 cents. This may not sound like alot at first but it really adds up. Here you will find information regarding the current contest, classroom totals and other updates.

October contest details: We are giving away (2) $10 Target gift cards. One for the highest collector in grades K-3 and one for the highest collector in grades 4-6.

Ongoing contest: Class competition! We will be giving away class prizes during the school year for the class that brings in the most boxtops! This will be a running contest and ALL boxtops submitted throughout the school year will be added to your class total. The first date in this contest is November 30th.  Whichever class has the most boxtops submitted by this date will win a class party! Prize will be awarded in December before winter break. The second submission end date will be March 29th with a party awarded in April and the final date will be May 31st! All classes that turn in a minimum of 500 boxtops by May 31st will receive a popsicle party in June. The class with the most by that date will also receive an extra special surprise as well!)

Sign up at to enter contests and hear about other ways to earn extra boxtops for our school.

Questions? Comments? Contact Ginger Gruetzenbach

Thank you for your support!