February 8, 2023

Principal's Pen, September 2009

Dear Firgrove Families,

The 2009-2010 school year is upon us, and it promises to be an exciting one as we continue to work together to ensure Firgrove students have a positive and productive school experience.

By now you may have received a letter from me explaining that Firgrove did not meet all of the federally mandated annual achievement benchmarks (also known as AYP). Although we fell short of our goals in several areas we are not discouraged. In fact, we see this as a call to focus our efforts even more. I want to assure you that as a staff we are fully committed to implementing the best practices in the field of teaching and learning to ensure your child receives a top notch education at Firgrove. We’ve got some great momentum going and I’d like to share with you some of the highlights…

We are continuing to refine our school wide walk to read efforts involving targeted instruction and intervention for students at all ability levels. Additionally, we have expanded our Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) trained classroom teachers to one at every grade level, as well as within our support programs. These two initiatives alone produced a significant increase in the number of students who met the reading benchmark on district and state tests in the spring of 2009!

In the area of mathematics teachers have been preparing this past year to familiarize themselves with the modified state standards and the district instructional program to provide instruction and intervention. Mathematics will be a focus for us this year at Firgrove as we develop ways to frequently monitor student progress as well as providing resources and opportunities for parents to get involved in helping students discover their inner mathematician!

One last highlight I’d like to share with you is that we are continuing on with the philosophy that each student should be well prepared for the next step in their educational journey-and that includes going to college! We want Firgrove students to believe that they will be fully prepared go to college when the time comes and the time to prepare starts now. We will continue to spread this message and take it to the next level as we go to school wide student led conferences in the fall and spring. Your student will be sharing with you their goals, their achievements and their plans for continued learning. We are very excited about this, and we think you will be too!

I look forward to an exciting, productive and rewarding year of learning. Together as partners we will do amazing things for Firgrove students!

Thank you for your support!

Char Krause, Principal

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